dx boast hosting facilities in each of the key gaming markets, interconnected by a dedicated high capacity global network all supported through our technical and customer service teams working in partnership with client solutions.

7th October 2010
dx hosts Neverdaunt 8 Bit MMO

28th September 2010
dx hosts RSPCA's Facebook game

6th May 2010
dx hosts Pole Position

28th April 2010
dx hosts MMO dPals

31st March 2010
dx hosts browser game titan Jolt

30th September 2009
dx hosts MMO LOVE

22nd September 2009
dx hosts Nintendo Life

16th September 2009
dx & RakNet™ form strategic alliance

14th April 2009
dx hosts Eurogamer

19th January 2009
dx provides CS for theHunter

17th December 2008
dx hosts Slitherine Software

28th October 2008
dx hosts GardenParty

4th September 2008
dx hosts Fantastic Contraption

11th August 2008
dx adds more power to Savage 2: A Tortured Soul  

20th July 2008
GamePress moves to dx

20th May 2008
dx consolidates Runescape deployment

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28th April 2010
dx hosts dPals MMO

dx the leading custom hosting solution and services provider dedicated to the games industry, is pleased to announce that it is providing infrastructure, hosting and IP transit for the amazing free virtual world for kids www.dPals.com.

Working closely with leading MMO and virtual world developer RedBedlam, dx provided testbed servers and infrastructure during the development, engineering and test phases of the dPals project. As a result of this intimate working relationship RedBedlam was able ensure that dPals performed optimally utilising their proprietary Virtiverse and ZoneBubble technologies.

About dPals
www.dPals.com is a social networking site aimed at teens and tweens, primarily 8-13 years. Based around a cool urban theme with eye-catching graphics, the world allows kids maximum creativity as they personalise their own dPal with a variety of fashionable outfits, style their own dPartment with funky furniture, play mini games, enjoy the unique virtual scrapbooking activity, win rewards and badges, use the emoticon balloons and fun animations to express how they feel, interact with other dPals through moderated chat and of course explore... and with 16 different music-filled environments that's a lot of exploring! All controlled via the virtual phone which has a whole selection of fab functions.

As the sister company of internationally renowned impulse-buy manufacturer, History & Heraldry Ltd, dPals Ltd enjoys the unique concept of real life transactions driving traffic to the site. The initial dPals UK product range consists of personalised phonesocks with a secret code which the child uses to access a free download via www.dPals.com, encouraging registration and allowing them to enter the virtual world with their own dPal. For more information visit www.dPals.com

About RedBedlam
Founded in 2001, RedBedlam is a leading virtual world technology company offering specialist development services, expert consultancy and some of the highest value and most efficient middleware and virtual world server solutions in the world. Its highly skilled and experienced team, coupled with this mature and proven virtual world technology platform can provide triple-A virtual world and MMO services and solutions in a rapidly expanding marketplace. For more information visit www.redbedlam.com

About dx
A leading custom hosting solutions provider dedicated to the games industry, dx understands the special needs of games companies. Using a multi-homed network infrastructure and Tier 4 data centres in Europe and the USA dx delivers the performance, reliability and crucially the economy, needed to ensure stunning gameplay and a faultless end user experience.

dx clients include some of the biggest names in gaming with deployments ranging from latency sensitive First Person Shooter clusters, complex MMORPG server farms, robust web and dB driven applications through to business continuity cover. The knowledgeable and experienced dx team have been at the heart of online gaming and managed services for over two decades. For more information visit www.dx.net

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