When establishing a gaming platform it is sensible to work with people who have done it many times before. dx works with clients who’s needs range from a single web server right through to massive server farms. 

Each dx installation is a careful blend of the latest hardware and infrastructure based on comprehensive discussions with our clients.  By clearly identifying and understanding a clients needs, wants and expectations dx is able to ensure that the result is a best in class service.

Many leading games companies rely on services supplied by dx. Contact us now to discover how we can help you connect your online world.


World class clients need a world class solution to deliver their online service or gaming platform. dx works with some of the finest companies in the gaming industry providing hosting, infrastructure and connectivity.

Installations range from complex managed MMORPG server farms through co-location, IP transit, low latency First Person Shooter dedicated servers to robust and scalable web and dB hosting.




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