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Our custom server solutions are built with a unique understanding of the demands of gaming.

Just like no two games are the same, no two solutions are the same. dx provides design, implementation and customer service operations specific to the online gaming industry. Our focus on this single but diverse market sector means that we are able to offer solutions tailored to each requirement whilst leveraging our common network and hosting capacity to ensure a cost effective outcome.


dx has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing complicated MMORPG servers – from the initial planning and consultation phases, through full hardware specification and testing, to physical deployment on multiple continents. The dx staff have deployed MMO servers based on Linux, Windows and Flash platforms from as simple as a single cluster to a multi-shard twin continent installation based upon hundreds of physical servers. Our experience encompasses MMOs and MMORPGs that range from Persistent Browser Games through to fully fledged fantasy, historically authentic and science fiction MMORPGs. Contact us to discuss your requirements:

Fully​​ managed​​ solutions

dx provides the hardware and connectivity to launch or relocate your service. We work with you to identify the most efficient solution for your needs – often providing test-bed/sandbox architecture – to ensure the final deployment meets your current and anticipated requirements. dx installations range from single dedicated web and database servers through to powerful multi-rack load balanced clusters. dx provides a full migration service facilitating a seamless transition to new infrastructure. Typical utilisations include;

  • Busy websites with active forums, video streaming and downloads.
  • Facebook games
  • Multi user Flash games
  • Browser based games
  • Digital download services
  • MMOs
  • FPS game servers

Contact us to discuss your requirements:

Co-location​​ and​​ IP ​​transit​​(bandwidth)

Some of our clients already possess a wealth of expertise and knowledge in-house and are able to maintain and run their own environments. However, by using dx to provide co-location and bandwidth they are released from the burden of onerous obligations of hosting facilities and yet still enjoy the economies of scale and performance of a network designed to meet the needs of demanding gamers. Contact us to discuss your requirements:

Game​​ & ​​Community​​ Management

With a team of professionals who have run multi-lingual customer service and event teams for MMORPGs such as Asherons Call, Asherons Call 2 and The Saga of Ryzom, dx has the ability to undertake and deliver World class in-game customer service. Our teams have been deployed at all levels of customer service, including;

  • Community Management
  • Event creation & management
  • Technical Support
  • Forum Moderation
  • In-game technical support
  • Gamemastering
  • Ticketing & Knowledge Base software

We are able to craft each such deployment to provide a total solution specific to a clients needs or to mesh seamlessly with an existing support structure to provide additional resources utilising either dx’s Ticketing & Knowledge Base software or customer specified software. Contact us to discuss your requirements: We see our client relationship as more of a partnership; we are part of the overall solution not just the hosting solution provider. Regularly a prospect will approach us with a vague concept of taking a new project online. We will help them realise an outcome that meets their goals which could be anything from raising awareness of their product to it being the major profit centre for the activity