Case Studies – DX Networks

The dx team have been at the heart of online gaming and managed services for over two decades.(Creating the perfect solution)

Case​​ Study 1​


Over a period of time the client had evolved a multi-location and multi-server solution to delivering a complex system of websites centred on a number of databases. The client has two trade shows a year and during these the traffic to the systems could increase by up x10 normal traffic. The dx Solution was accepted by the client 4 weeks before one of the trade shows meaning that the service needed be operational, migrated and fully test well before the start of the show.

Case​​ Study 2


It was clear that the client was going through a significant growth phase and this was affecting performance of their systems. There are many ways to manage growth and it is not always possible to immediately implement the utopian solution, the dx solution identified a cost effect way of getting to an end solution that met the present and future needs of the client. As with everything in the Internet, there is no right way of getting to an end point. This solution was a starting point which gave a roadmap whilst incorporating flexibility to rollout or amend the solution as the clients requirements developed.