Case Study – Dexterity Networks

The dx team have been at the heart of online gaming and managed services for over two decades.(Creating the perfect solution)

Case​​ Study 1​


Over a period of time the client had evolved a multi-location and multi-server solution to delivering a complex system of websites centred on a number of databases. The client has two trade shows a year and during these the traffic to the systems could increase by up x10 normal traffic. The dx Solution was accepted by the client 4 weeks before one of the trade shows meaning that the service needed be operational, migrated and fully test well before the start of the show.

Customer​​ Requirements

The previous platform employed servers located in New York and London, the websites and databases had evolved over a long period of time. The previous provider had given notice to the client of withdrawal of service and there was no moving the date which was one week before the next trade show. The client was looking for a single solution to consolidate the existing environments and to provide a platform to grow in the future. The inherent capacity of the solution should be able to handle x10 increase in traffic without the need for system change. As with all requirements the solution needed to offer the client operational and cost improvements.

dx​​ Solution

dx proposed and implemented a single site solution based upon its Atlanta (US) Data Centre. The solution involved a high availability database hosting large volumes of images and articles with multiples front end web servers traffic shared by a Load Balancer offering security and resilience.

Case​​ Study​ ​One ​​Diagram

The Systems were delivered to the client 3 weeks after receipt of signed order and well in time for data migration, testing and service go live before the up and coming trade show. dx’s involvement did not stop with the systems handover. As with all migrations from historic disparate systems there are always issues that need to be resolved, dx fully supported the client throughout this activity ensuring that all systems were operational.