Chances are you, your company or your family have already utilised services powered by dx only you just didn’t know it. Our clients are some of the World’s leading developers, publishers and service companies within the gaming industry.

dx hosts Neverdaunt:8Bit MMO
Hosting & IP transit for retro vitual world..>more

dx hosts RSPCA's Facebook game
Hosting & IP transit for charity campaign ..>more

dx hosts dPals MMO
Hosting & IP transit for teen & tween social MMO..>more


Unlike traditional hosting companies dx is solely focused on the gaming industry.  With over two decades of expertise in building solutions that consistently deliver performance to meet and exceed our client’s requirements dx has both the knowledge and the track record for delivering.

The dx team have managed client solutions across two continents for online games that have millions of players.  Our unique understanding and insight of the gaming market makes dx the first choice for any gaming company deploying online.

dx understands the needs of gamers and consequently how these needs shape each custom solution. With some of the least forgiving internet consumers as your customers it’s reassuring to know that dx is acutely aware of the need to plan capacity sensibly and is able to react instantly to wildly shifting demands.

Contact dx now to discover how we can transform your online environment.

Dedicated web, dB and MMO servers

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