Chances are you, your company or your family have already utilised services powered by dx only you just didn't know it. Our clients are some of the World's leading developers, publishers and service companies within the gaming industry.

dx dedicated clanservers
High performance servers for serious clans...

dx hosts Neverdaunt:8Bit MMO
Hosting & IP transit for retro virtual world...>more

dx hosts dPals MMO
Hosting & IP transit for teen & tween social MMO...>more

dx hosts LOVE MMO
Hosting & IP transit for "one of the most precious events in PC gaming"...>more

As the leading custom hosting solutions provider dedicated to the games industry, dx understands the special needs of games companies.

dx does not use off the shelf solutions to meet complicated and often dynamic requirements – each of the deployments we provide is tailor made to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff have delivered projects from as simple as single webservers and small First Person Shooter clusters through to complex multi-continent MMORPG server farms servicing millions of players.

Using a multi-homed Tier-1 network infrastructure and Tier 4 data centres dx delivers the performance, reliability and crucially the economy, needed to ensure stunning gameplay and a faultless end user experience.

Contact dx now to discover how we can transform your online environment.

Dedicated clanservers

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